Upgrading the blog

Words here at Mixedbredie.net has been upgraded to WordPress 2.3 and K2rc2. It wasn’t without its glitches and the installation had to be deleted twice before it all worked properly. Two plugins, Maintenance Mode and WP-DB-BACKUP, helped out. The first puts up a notice telling all users that you are doing something to your site. The other plugin, wp-db-backup, allows you to set up a scheduled backup of your wordpress database tables with the option of emailing the backup to an email address or to download onto your local computer as a tar archive. Installing the new K2rc2 worked fine unzipping the files into a “K2” directory in /wp-content/themes. The new tagging feature allows for the creation of tags for each post and K2 has a cloud widget for the sidebar.

Backuppc running on the server wasn’t quite as easy to configure, however. I have it set up to back up the desktop and itself. It is beset with problems that I don’t have the time to try figure out. I still get an email every day telling me it has not backed up any of the computers on the network. It appears to be an “rsync” issue with the server not able to connect to the desktop.

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