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Mixedbredie is moving  into the digital world of wireless connectivity.  I am writing this on the latest Mc in the family – Macbook – and I am writing it at 90 miles an hour (MacMini will be with us in about six months time).  My typing speed is somewhat slower at about 30 words a minute with much use of the backspace key due to the swaying of the train.  One good thing about the demise of GNER is that National Express now provide free wireless internet access instead of charging most of a fiver for the privilege.

We have just had a fantastic weekend in Edinburgh coming up on Friday night on the Caledonian Sleeper.  Such a civilised way to travel and so much more comfortable than trying to sleep in a chair. Getting in at 06h30 and being woken by a hot cup of tea and croissant was very nice and then we walked briskly through the early morning streets to catch the 27 to Inverleith Row.

Second breakfasts are to be recommended, especially Sarah’s.  The fried works washed down with strong tea and the Scotsman!  Thus fortified we set about planning the day.  Such a perfect Edinburgh day was not to be wasted and so we booked a tour of the buried closes off the Royal Mile and a tour through Edinburgh Castle to see the Honours of Scotland.

Mary King’s Close lies underneath the City Chambers.  The close originally ran between tenements housing some 600 people, and when the decision was made to build the City Chambers the residents were evicted and the flats razed to such a level as to create a level platform for the new building.  The last resident was moved out in 1897 when the building was due to be completed but some of the now buried rooms were still used into the 1930s.  While most of the ghost stories and mysteries of the close appear to be hype it is still interesting to see where, and how, 600 people managed to live.

After emerging into the afternoon sunlight (a Kenyan lady once described the sunlight in the UK as the kind of light that you see when you open the fridge) we headed up the Royal Mile to meet Alex on the Esplanade.  Amy and I hadn’t been here since our wedding night when we took a taxi to avoid the guests finding out where we were staying. It is an amazing to place to see look out over Edinburgh.

The tour of the Castle on the Rock is very good and for someone who knows next to nothing of Scottish history a very good way to bone up on essentials.  Which I have now forgotten.  But the views were nice.  And the Honours of Scotland do have a more historical feel to them than the Crown jewels down south of the border.  They are a little worn and battered from their turbulent past and the pride with which they are displayed is evident.

After a couple of hours of Scottish history it was unanimously decided to repair to Harvey Nicks to take tea on the Forth Floor.  Another excellent Edinburgh outing with fine views back up the hill to the Castle and out of the cutting winter breeze to boot.  Definitely the place to be seen after a hard afternoon’s shopping relaxing with a pink Moet champagne.

I’ll post some pictures once I have had a chance to sort them out.  Now, 100 miles further down the track than when I stated, I am going to end. 

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