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looking at houses in blairgowrie

Just what were we thinking of?  Well, see the last post and you’ll get an idea.  We have finally made a decision and we are taking the family to Scotland.  We are moving to Angus, capital city Dundee, famed for potatoes and beef.  It has been a long time coming but we have finally taken the plunge.  I have managed to secure a post in Angus Council based in Forfar starting in the summer.  Trying to sell the flat in the current climate has been quite stressful but we should be able to move to Scotland with at least a few pounds in our pocket.

In today’s paper, the venerable Metro, it stated that due to the national overdraft of £21 trillion (£21 000000 000000) every living human being in the UK would have to pay back £16,700.  and it would only take 28.5 million years to pay it back.  So, really, is money that important?  well, if you haven’t got it then I guess you might want it but you get on with life.  If you had it and lost it might be harder to deal with it but then where do you put your faith?  Certainly not the northern rock.

Speaking of the Rock, one of the things on our to-do list is to try find a good church in Dundee.  And a mountaineering club, a Mom’s and toddlers group, a canoeing group.  I also managed to find a LUG – Linux User Group – in town.  Apparently the water slides in the leisure centre are pretty good too.  Bring on Dundee, home of the Beano annual!

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  1. Congrats on the new job and re-locating to Scotland! It will be sad that you guys wont be in London though 🙁 Lots of weekend trips to come and visit you!

    Come and visit me in Rome!!!!


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