How to choose a utilities supplier

Energy suppliersMoving home involves so many interconnected processes.  Mail subscriptions need to be cancelled or rerouted.  General mail needs to be rerouted by Royal Mail (for a small fee). Telephone and Internet need to be synchronised and migrated to the new address.  Utilities need to be stopped and final bills calculated. Council tax needs to be stopped and the mortgage needs to be tallied up and finalised.  Banking details need to be updated.  Car insurance and travel assistance need to be recalculated based on the new address and changes to driving patterns.  The list is endless…

Once all the existing connections between you, the house and large corporations have been severed new connections need to be established to allow life to go on.  It is a chance to have a think about costs and budgets and available options and try to find the best deal.  So how do you go about this?  well, I have done it a number of ways over the last six or seven years, with varying degrees of complexity: the simplest – get your friends to sort it out; go with the existing supplier; get suckered by a cold caller at the door or on the phone; or do all your own research on the web using the comprehensive tools available.

Comparison sites

These are some of the sites I have used to get an idea of how life works outside of London

Reviews, ratings, opinions and advice

These are some of the results the search engines returned that have proved to be quite useful.

Survey results
Huh? What’s this?
Where are we going to live?


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