Experimenting with Mint KDE

Mint 7 KDEI got tired of brown and orange ubuntu. And I really like amarok as a media player instead of ryhthmbox and I wanted to try digikam as photo manager instead of f-spot. I had heard good things about Linux Mint. Which is green and so makes a pleasant change.

So I backed up 250GB of photos, video, music and accumulated cruft and installed Linux Mint 7 “Gloria” KDE version.  It was not without hassles.digiKam The installer got confused as to which drive was which and, after a clean install reformatting everything to ext4, installed grub2 on the wrong disc.  Various boot parameters had to be edited until the Ubuntu 6.10 rescue CD sorted things out using the “rescue a broken system” menu.

DigiKam (0.10.0) works but I’d like to install version 1.0.0 and I need KDE 4.3.x for that.  It is a lot slower on my desktop than f-spot was under ubuntu (My desktop is Core 2 Duo e4300, 2GB DDR2 RAM, ASUS P5VDX2 mobo, 2 x 250GB WD and 1 x 500GB WD, nvidea 8600GT 512MB so it should be pretty snappy with all the fancy effects).

Amarok KWinAmarok has its pros and cons.  The default version on Mint 7 plays last.fm radio streams but doesn’t download any cover art for my albums.  Amarok NEON (bleeding edge) doesn’t play last.fm as it uses the new API requiring 3 euro a month but it does download most of my cover art.

Kdenlive is a non-linear video editor for KDE and seems to be pretty good.  Something along the lines of iMovie or Adobe Premiere Elements.  I have not used it with any serious intent yet but I do need to prepare a best man’s speech which I will have to deliver by video.  It might come in handy.

So what to do, what to do?

Wait for Mint 8 KDE or install Mint 8 Gnome?  32bit or 64bit?

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