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vbox_logo2_gradientvbox_add_iso3I am running the non-free version of Virtualbox 3.0.12 on Linux Mint 7 KDE.  Normally Virtualbox works perfectly out of the box and is has worked perfectly when I was running Ubuntu 9.04.  Having changed OS recently to Mint I thought I would reinstall it to test future releases before taking the plunge and installing for real.

First up I installed the Virtualbox OSE from the Mint/Ubuntu repositories.  I created a new VM with a new virtual hard disc (8GB).  I downloaded the latest kubuntu desktop image to my downloads folder.  Then I configured the VM to read the ISO image as the start-up disc.  Or rather I tried to configure it.

On the VM settings tab I selected the CD/DVD-ROM drive, mounted the CD/DVD Drive and checked the radio button vbox_add_iso1for the ISO image file.  No media was selected so I clicked the browse button to open the choose file dialogue.  Navigating to the Downloads folder a blank screen is returned to me.


The file exists.  For some reason Virtualbox OSE under Mint 7 KDE can’t see the ISO files.  Take two.  Uninstall OSE and install the non-free version of Virtualbox – taking the latest version 3.1.0 from the website.  Same problem.  Uninstall 3.1.0 and reinstall 3.0.12 rebooting between installs.  No luck.  I have searched the forums for an answer without finding a solution.

vbox_add_iso2I have made sure I have been added to the vboxusers group.  Tried different ISO images including Mint 8, Dragonfly, FreeBSD.  The only thing that worked was booting from an Ubuntu 6.06 CD I had burnt three years ago.  The VM picked up the drive and popped up the gold Ubuntu menu.

Now it’s not the end of the world and there are probably better things I could be doing with my time but it is still annoying that something that worked under Ubuntu doesn’t work under Mint – an Ubuntu derivative.  If anything does turn up to solve the problem I’ll update the post with the solution.

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