This is my desk

I get a feed from Lifehacker and noticed this post about users’ desktops and how they have been pimped and polished so they are just right.  Now that we have moved into a larger flat and have space to spare I have been able to set up my desk with all the bits and pieces that normally lived in a box in a cupboard.  They were pulled out and plugged in only when needed.  Here is a picture of my desk:

My desktop

IKEA trestle table missing the bolts to hold the trestles together.  On the left our Habitat CD rack holding extrat telephone and network cabling, spare headset, CD wallets with photo and music backups, odd tools and a roll of tape.  Pair of SATA Sonic speakers from the late 90s – great sound.  Lexmark Z615 printer that has only just started working with Ubuntu Jaunty but it’s out of ink at the moment and the spares are in on of the 20 boxes seen on the right of the photo.  Logitech wireless mouse and a logitech corded mouse.  BenQ 17″ monitor bought in 2005 and never had a problem.  250GB Lacie By Porsche USB harddrive currently backing up /home.  Agfa SnapScan e50 scanner (with slide and negative scanning adapter) from the late 90s.  The pile of paper is my current In Tray/Filing pile.

On the floor to the right is the server with keyboard unplugged.  This is a security feature.  Daniel has a penchant for entering random text strings while I am at work.  The collapsable carry cot is strategically placed, as is the chair, to stop him hitting the power button.  Under the desk there is a borrowed TV set top booster kit that doesn’t work and a surge protected multi-plug.  Everything plugs into the multiplug.  The shiny black box (Antec Solo case) is my desktop machine running Linux Mint 7 KDE.

Apart from the fact that the room has no heating (and it’s -2C outside) it’s nice to have a place where all the boxes, cables and stuff is out of the way.  I guess I could follow some of the tips on Lifehacker to clean everything up but hopefully we’ll be moving soon and then I can set it up a bit more permanently.

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