White Christmas

Fir TreeForfar LochFrostyWill we get a white Christmas this year? Odds at the bookies have been slashed to 2/1. Things are looking good for clear weather and good snow for Friday and Saturday. These are some pictures taken today while out for walk over lunchtime. The sun came out and everything sparkled. Fantastic.  And the days are getting longer now and summer is on its way.

Rowan BerriesSnowy PathRowan TreeKevin is flying up from London tomorrow and should get in safely provided the airports are functioning in the City. Hopefully we’ll be able to get a good walk in to burn of the extra Christmas calories.

These pictures all taken with my camera in my cell phone.

Gah – formatting is a bit of a pain! How can I get these images to float in the middle of the page with the text above and below? I’ll have to have another go later…

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