7 years in Tibet

On 11th February 1990 a world and nation changing event happened.  On 11th February 2003 a life changing event occurred.  Yesterday Nelson Mandela celebrated along with the world the 20th Anniversary of his release from prison.  Yesterday, seven years ago, I left Cape Town and boarded a plane to London.  Today I have been in the country seven years.

[fergcorp_cdt max=01]

Here we are then.  Seven years.  Wow.  Sigh.

What about some numbers?

  • 1 lovely wife
  • 1 fantastic son
  • 4 jobs (getting better)
  • 2 cars (getting bigger)
  • 4 bicycles owned (3 having been stolen)
  • 4 rented properties and 1 owned and now sold.
  • 1 Ancestral visa, 1 Spouses visa, 1 Residency visa, 7 Schengen visas, 1 US, 1 Canadian
  • ~6 sick days (maybe more…)
  • some grey hairs but not enough to make a difference (do they make a difference)
  • 1 beard since July 2006
  • 0kg lost or gained
  • 127 posts on my blog

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