Lessons from Luke

The sermon series this year at the Steeple Church has started with the Gospel of Luke.  If you like you can listen to the sermons here.  The last talk was on the parable of the sower of seeds.  To illustrate the point egg shells filled with moist cotton wool were placed in egg cups and everyone under the height of 3ft invited to liberally sprinkle seeds onto the damp cotton wool.

We now have two egg shells on the kitchen window sill bursting with new life.  Using the new Super Macro function on our new camera I have been taking some pictures showing the daily changes in the tiny seeds.

Monday 8th February – note the clear gel around each seed.  Any ideas?
Seeds Day 1

Tuesday 9th February – tender little roots coming out.
Seeds Day 2

Wednesday 10th February – definite upward growth towards the fluorescent tubes.
Seeds Day 3

Thursday 11th – Wilma’s birthday and …

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