Everybody Loves Lego

Job doneDaniel and I recently had an early morning Lego session.  You know the kind – get all the boxes, clear a space on the floor, up end the boxes with a crash and clatter of plastic blocks and start grabbing your favourite pieces.

Daniel has enough blocks to build a 3m tower of 2×2 blocks on a nice solid base.  Obviously he is only 3 foot tall so I get to put the blocks on top but he gets to put the sections together.  And all this before 7 o’clock in the morning.  Not bad before any porridge has hit the system.

Now I just need to wait for him to grow a little more and then we can get his Technic Lego out  and maybe the Scalextric set if it’s a really rainy day.  And then the Meccano for the days when it’s too windy.

One thought on “Everybody Loves Lego”

  1. Sounds as though Dad has hauled Daniel out of bed waaaay to early for his own good, just so that Dad has an excuse to play with Lego pre-dawn.
    No matter though, its still good fun. Would play with Lego too but for fear of waking Rory as I pour it onto the wooden floors…

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