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DCP-195CAdding a Brother DCP-195C to LinuxMint 9 KDE

As you all know it was my birthday a couple of months ago and as a complete surprise Sarah had a Brother DCP-195C printer/scanner/copier couriered through to me.  Brother supply all the drivers for the printer and scanner for both Windows and Mac OSX and it’s a simple matter of plugging in the machine, loading the CD and installing the various packages to get it working.  On my Linux desktop (running Linux Mint 9 KDE 4.4.5 ) things are not so straight forward. Brother traditionally has supported Linux well and provide the required drivers and workarounds and tips on their website but the installation process required a bit of fiddling.

Here are the steps I took to get the printer and scanner working:

  1. Unpack the printer
  2. Plug the USB cable in to the PC
  3. Power up the printer
  4. The printer applet starts but the printer does not work. Xsane fails to find an attached scanner.
  5. At the command line run:
  6. lsusb
  7. It should return something like:
  8. Bus 006 Device 002: ID 04f9:0222 Brother Industries, Ltd
  9. Then go to

Configuring the printer

Download the printer driver from:
1. The LPR version
Accept the licence agreement
2. The cupswrapper driver
Accept the licence agreement

Run the pre-requisite commands for Ubuntu 10.04

sudo aa-complain cupsd
sudo mkdir /usr/share/cups/model

Install LPR driver using command (for dpkg):

dpkg  -i  --force-all  dcp195clpr-1.1.2-1.i386.deb

Install the CUPSwrapper driver using command (for dpkg)  :

dpkg  -i  --force-all  dcp195ccupswrapper-1.1.2-2.i386.deb

Check to see if they are installed command (for dpkg):

dpkg  -l  |  grep  Brother

Go to http://localhost:631/admin

Click add printer

Log in with username and password

Choose your printer from the list

Click continue

Amend any details as required

Configuring the scanner

Instructions are here and here.

Make sure sane-utils is installed.

Download the driver from:

Find brscan3 32bit

[The scan-key-tool 32bit is not required as the scanner is attached directly to the PC.]

Install the driver using command (for dpkg)  :

dpkg  -i  --force-all  brscan3-0.2.11-2.i386.deb

Check the install worked using command (for dpkg)  :

dpkg  -l  |  grep  Brother

To make the scanner available to all users do this:

1. Open “/lib/udev/rules.d/40-libsane.rules” file.

2. Add the following two lines to the end of the device list. (Before the line “# The following rule will disable …”):

The lines to be added—————————

# Brother scanners
ATTRS{idVendor}=="04f9", ENV{libsane_matched}="yes"

3. Restart the OS

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