Batch Processing Images

Running digiKam 2.0 on Windows 7 Professional 32bit and Linux Mint 10 KDE 4.6.2

Standard workflow for new images:

  1. download into new date based folder renaming on the fly and applying metadata template.
  2. tag new images
  3. geotag new images
  4. select images for upload to web
  5. add to batch queue manager
  6. adjust colours – auto levels
  7. sharpen – unsharp mask
  8. resize – 1024px wide
  9. watermark – overlay PNG (prepare earlier using Xach Effect in GIMP)
  10. reapply metadata
  11. write to output folder
  12. export to piwigo
  13. export to gallery

On Windows 7 the process works perfectly all the way up to step 9 when configuring the watermark image. DigiKam crashes and closes.  The same process completes perfectly on my Linux box.  A bug?  So how to do it on a windows box?  Can I batch watermark a directory of images using GIMP?  Will Irfanview do the trick?

GIMP requires some plugins to enable batch processing and there are a number of pages and forum postings on on just this topic – batch watermarking.  The only way to see if these work the way you want them to is down the python scripts and save in your ./gimp-2.6/plug-ins directory. (You’ll need to restart GIMP to see the changes if you have it open already. You also need to have Python installed for GIMP)

Some of the plugins I installed:

David’s Batch Processor (DBP) – doesn’t offer a watermark tool but there are some very useful options built in. – couldn’t get it to work – couldn’t get it to work – creates a new tool under Filters > Watermark > Faint Text Watermark (and Batch mode). It allows you to choose a font, colour, opacity, size and then applies the text watermark to the image. It fits in a differing number of watermarks depending on the size of the image. – available under Filters > Decor > Borders > Line Border 2 allows you to define an image border style, bordering text and a text or image watermark.

Irfanview ( has a great batch processor built in but only allows for text overlays so no tranparent PNGs for fancy watermarks.  It does make use of all available fonts on your machine.

Multiple Image Resizer ( is a windows only tool that batch processes directories of images.  It can crop, resize, rotate and flip, add borders, add text and overlay images. You set the output directory, output image type and quality, resolution and option rename parameters. Hit go.

Phatch ( and is another batch processing tool (as they say Phatch = Photo + Batch).  Installing on Windows ( requires a large number of dependencies.  Installing in Linux Mint is as easy as downloading the .deb and right clicking to install with GDebi.  It takes a moment to work out that the workflow is built up of a series of configurable actions.  Once you have got that then it’s a piece of pie.

As an aside, this site has some great GIMP scripts for image effects.

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