Incy wincy spider

bee pie for dinner Sitting at the table the other morning eating breakfast I noticed a high pitched buzzing sound.  It was one of those sounds that you couldn’t locate.  It seemed to come from several different places at once.  After about ten minutes of this I open the blinds to let the fly out that was trapped behind it.  Or so I thought.  A movement caught my eye and I noticed a large black and yellow bumble bee on the sill outside.  It was entangle in an extensive web and as I watched the spider came out into her parlour and proceeded to clean up the mess.  Quite incredible to see it numb the bee and then wait until it had stopped moving.  It then started maneuvering the bee to the bottom of the web, and holding on with the front legs and gripping the bee with the back legs it swung out over space and popped it in the pantry. 

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