January Digest

LEGO Front LoaderWhat’s happened?  Why a digest, I hear you ask.  Well, since Hogmanay there have been two sick children in the house, then two sick adults, a load more snow, a couple of talks in church, people to stay and a whole new year to get used to.  Doesn’t leave much time to think about writing anything, let alone anything creative.  And I thought I would build a front loader instead of tikking away at a keyboard.

The year kicked off with us fast asleep in bed.  I don’t think it minded that we were not there to see it in.  Sam and Gary threw a great party and it was nice to be out of the house meeting a bunch of new people even if we were in bed before twelve.

I had to do a talk in Church on 2nd January on 1 Peter 3:15.  You can listen to it here <link>.  Amy did a children’s talk in Church on 9th January. A whole church exercise using the story of the Isrealites slavery from Exodus.

Snowy WalksBack to work on the 5th January through the snow.  Gosh! Do people complain about it.  I guess being a South African I still find it a novelty but almost everyone else has a good moan about it all.  Being ill over the break meant missing out on the best snow in ages and by the time we got organised and thought about going it had already thawed and frozen a few times.  I never did go in the end but Glenshee was a vertical ice rink by all accounts.  I had some good times on my new sledge – The Pride of Newtyle, Mk. 2.  I’ll post some pictures and videos here soon.

Hooray!  The car has been serviced: replaced the turbo charger pipework, fixed a door lock so Kirsten doesn’t have to go in through the window any more and replaced all the filters – oil, air, fuel.  It goes now!  And the indicators work.

We organised a summer holiday in South Africa with all the family.  Well, we organised our end of it – Mom and Dad did everything else at their end.  We are flying into Joburg and then to Kruger for a week and then a week in Cape Town afterwards.  I’ll be flying back to Scotland and Amy will be coming back 10 days later with D and K with Mom to help her out.

Amy’s best friend Cath is getting married next week and Amy spent last weekend in Bromsgrove at her kitchen tea.  We are driving down to Bromsgrove for the wedding.  It will be an interesting experience – our first long distance road trip with the kids.  We’ll see how it goes.

I have a new starter in the office to help me out with GIS work.  I am looking forward to being able to a lot more this year and branch out and away from just loading data.

And that was January.

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