Old Friends

After several years apart we finally managed to meet up again.  The Smiths used to live down the road from us in Wimbledon before moving back to Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal in 2007.  Before that I used to live with Daniel in Cape Town and I knew Karen through church in Rondebosch (that’s going back to the last century).  We managed to miss each other in subsequent trips back to SA* and so almost four years have passed since we last met.  In that time there have been another three children and a big birthday.  We managed to catch up at Tamarisk in Elham, Kent for a day while the McDonalds were in London for a wedding.

Elham is a long way from Newtyle geographically but is remarkably similar in that it is a small village in nice countryside.  The water is not as nice as Scottish water as a result of the chalk soils hence the three pubs in the village.

Here we are all together again.  From left to right, Ross, Kirsten, Amy, Karen, Hannah, Daniel, Sophie, Daniel.

McDonalds and Smiths at Tamarisk
McDonalds and Smiths at Tamarisk

* Not quite – I did dig out a picture of Hannah when she was wee at the folks house in Fish Hoek in May 2007.

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