Building up, breaking down

What a weekend!  A frenzy of activity saw large chunks of the apples trees chopped into firewood and a complete reworking of the pile of cuttings into a living compost heap.  Thanks to Jim Dowling and his apple pruning expertise our trees have a bit more shape and are on the road to recovery after years of neglect.  Hopefully the bold approach will force more effort into producing apples on the remaining branches.

Building the compost heap has taken a number of months after an initial exercise clearing the garden when we moved in last summer.  Leaves, grass cuttings and now several large loads of chippings from a garden shredder have made a substantial pile.  A fortuitous meeting between myself and Daniel on the bicycle and a young girl on a horse led to us collecting about 300 litres of very well rotted horse manure from behind the stable (we went the next day in the car!).  This manure has been worked into the compost heap and I think I might go back for some more.  Good stuff – literally brimming with life – there are more earthworms there than in other places.  All things going well we should have a load of “black gold” in a few months.

[Remember the Pride of Newtyle?  The wooden speed machine specially designed for the Newtyle bobsled run?  It has been reworked into something more useful – the side of the compost heap.]

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