Boy genius!

We are now parents with one month of experience under the belt.  Time flies by when you are in a haze of exhaustion and the days consist of feeding, winding, changing a nappy, wiping up the wee, changing the clothes, winding, putting to sleep, feeding on wake up two hours later.  There are times when you are so tired you can’t think straight and you are in tears and Daniel is crying and the neighbours tell you they now have state-of-the-art noise-cancelling ear plugs to wear at night.  But there are also times when a smile suddenly beams out of a tiny little face and big brown eyes search yours.  Admittedly Daniel only started smiling genuinely this weekend but everything else fades when you see it.  And then, just today, he learns to suck his thumb.  Finally, after a month of smacking his face with those things at the end of the bendy things next to his head, he can put his hand in his mouth.  Bliss.

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