Apples and Fishes

Recently I upgraded my Apple Macbook from Leopard to Snow Leopard.  Included in the media pack were a couple of Apple logo stickers.  Now, I always have to think long and hard about where I want to place them because I’ll only have one shot at it.  I guess this comes from the days of my youth when stickers were a novelty and a rarity and something to be cherished (I still have an “I love Worcester” sticker on the mirror inside my wardrobe in my old bedroom and a pink and green neon sticker from a pair of black and white striped baggies I had when I was ten).  The only stickers I have stuck at the moment are a National Trust membership badge and an ichthus/fish sticker on the back windscreen of the car.  It struck me that a good place for the little white apple would be right next to the little white fish.


The bitten apple – a symbol of a cool sophistication, a must-have facet of our connected lifestyle.  Or something representing everything wrong about human nature: covetousness, lust, desire, selfishness, distraction, disobedience, materialism and rebellion.  And next to it a simple fish representing in two simple strokes an identity in Christ, a symbol of the brother- and sisterhood of Christ.  It’s a reminder of the persecution of Christians in ages past and nowadays has come to mean something like “Jesus Christ is my Lord and Saviour” or “I follow Jesus Christ”.

Now, maybe the person driving in the car behind me on noticing the apple and fish will work all this out, see the error of his or her ways and submit to Christ.  Or maybe not. However, I can see the two stickers in my rear view mirror where they serve as a reminder to give thanks for the love and grace and mercy of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

These thoughts have stemmed from a study of Genesis 3:1 – 24 and Ephesians 5:22 – 25 and Romans 5:12 – 14.  It is still a work in progress…

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