Me, airports and cars

What is it about me, airports (Gatwick in particular) and cars (mine in particular)?

Last night I had to take Bruce to the airport to catch the Air Namibia flight to Windhoek.  It was the first time I have been able to take the new Passat out on the motorway and it went like a dream.  The TDi 130 pulls and pulls and pulls.  Arriving at the airport a large coach pulls out in front of me as I go around the traffic circle.  Is it going to cut across me?  Is it going to turn left?  It eventually turned left but by this time I had been forced into the kerb and with a loud bang the car bounced over it and back into the road.  On arrival in the parking garage I noticed the tired was still inflated but with a large hole on the bead and large bulge in the side wall.

After saying sad goodbye to Gran and Bruce (who had to finance the parking experience because I left my wallet at home*) and eventually managed to change the wheel.  It was the first time I had had to change an alloy wheel and there are lots of fiddly steps to go through.  We triumphed in the end though and I got home.

The other trip to Gatwick to pick up Kevin and Cathy turned into a saga when the Astra broke down in the “No Stopping Here” zone in front of the arrivals hall.  The Greenflag rode to the rescue and a greasy finger and some magic spray managed to solve the problem.  But that took about two hours.  Strangely enough, they were also arriving on an Air Namibia flight.

So, to solve the problem:

  • if you are family and
  • are flying into, or out of, Gatwick Airport
  • on Air Namibia via Windhoek

then you need to find someone else to be your driver.

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