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CUPS book
CUPS book

Ubuntu 10.04 server – Fedora 16 desktop – Snow Leopard 10.6.8 macbook – Brother DCP-195C printer scanner

Printer plugged into Server in the loft via USB. Desktop and Server connected by wired ethernet through Netgear router. Macbook connects through wireless.

Server runs CUPS 1.4.3, Macbook runs CUPS 1.4.7 and Desktop has CUPS 1.5.0.

Server is set up to share the Printer over IPP on port 631. Some machines can connect to http://server:631/ (i.e. the remote print server) and print a test page. The Macbook just connects but cannot print. All machines can connect to http://localhost:631/ (i.e. their own CUPS print server) and can see the remote Printer on the Server.

The Desktop is configured to use http://server:631/ as its default printer and can successfully print test pages and other documents. If the Printer is idle or in Sleep Mode then it wakes up to complete the job.

The Macbook (running Snow Leopard 10.6.8) is another story. The CUPS error log is full of “backend errors” and “exit status” lines. There is even a “Destination printer does not exist!”

cups-imagesDoing a search for “cups printing mac os x 10.6.8 returns a result with a correct fix mentioned in the comments.  A reboot and there was the printer in the loft.  And it would wake up when it received a document to print.
So now I have a “network” printer installed and can print from anywhere in the house.  Now, I just need to work out if my Android phone has a print function…

* Common Unix Printing System

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