Farewell Kubuntu Mint, Hello Fedora 16

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I have been running Linux Mint 10 for ages and have hacked and patched and updated it with various repositories to make sure it was reasonably up-to-date. The application I use most often on the desktop is DigiKam. The development of DigiKam has accelerated recently to the point of a new release almost monthly. The repositories are all trying to play catch-up. Some dedicated individuals are rolling their own .debs/.rpms for different flavours of linux. All you have to do is connect to their repository and install. But it is never that simple as the newer versions of DigiKam required newer versions of all the dependencies and a simple install ends up pulling in loads of different packages. In the end I gave up and stuck with version 1.9 as newer versions required an updated version of KDE and it was getting to be a hassle patching everything together.

Then I got a new mobo, 8GB DDR3 RAM, overclocked my C2D e4300 to 2.4GHz and downloaded a release candidate of Fedora 16 KDE x86_64. Time to change from 32-bit Mint KDE 10 and try something a bit more cutting edge. First time since 2005 and Breezy Badger that I have not had Ubuntu on the desktop. Fedora does things differently but it is as polished and sleek as the best of them distros out there.

I moved because Linux Mint decided to move from an Ubuntu base to a Debian base with rolling updates. KDE is proving to be a sticking point as they are waiting for upstream fixes and there is a focus on getting the Main edition right.

So now, on Fedora, with KDE 4.7.2, digiKam 2.3 and version 3 of the Linux kernel. It’s quicker on 64bit too. As well as overclocking and adding extra RAM I set the jumpers on my SATA drives to 300 from 150. Quicker all round.

It’s too soon to give a well rounded review but from first impressions there are no regrets.

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