Lists and listiness

I recently discovered a text file buried in the depths of my computer that had a list in it from early 2010.

  • New washing machine ##
  • New keys ##
  • Cleaning up #
  • Things to do
  • – two broken window panes
  • – sort damaged drainpipes and guttering
  • – TV aerials and satellite dishes #
  • – carpets #
  • – painting #
  • – assemble crib ## (and now disassembled)
  • – boxes to the loft ##
  • – sand and seal floors downstairs.
  • future projects
  • – electrics into the garden shed
  • – upgrade the two attic rooms
  1. ## completed # part completed

ticking things off the listI like making lists.  It helps me organise things and clears them out of my head and lets me see them in grey and white on a page. A list helps me remember things (until I forget where I put the list – I must have half a dozen pieces of paper floating around the house with the list of details required to log into my bank account).  Writing a list give me sense of satisfaction – I have started something good here and when I finish the list I have a second good feeling at having completed something.  Must have something to do with the fact that, by nature, I am not a completer-finisher type person.

I found a second list in the same file:

  • New hobby – gardening
  • things to do: pick apples; ##
  • pick more apples; ##
  • work out how to make apple juice, cider and vinegar;
  • learn about storing apples;
  • make apple pie, crumble, strudle, stewed apples; ##
  • buy a lawn mower;
  • get a compost bin; ##
  • plant raspberries;
  • learn how to prune apple trees; #
  • get rid of the moss in the lawn;
  • get some proper gardening tools including a pruning saw, a rake, a spade and some loppers. #

Lists should help me stop procrastinating but the list becomes a task in itself and thus I procrastinate through writing the list…

Oh well, these are just two of the many lists I write and now if I could just find my current list of things to do I might just get something done.

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