Window washer woes

wind shield wiper motor VW PassatWe drive a 2002 VW Passat Estate which has done 156000 miles.  I recently replaced one of the headlight bulbs (£4 bulb, 2 minutes to swap old one out and new one in) and had a fair bit done at the last service.  This included brake pads, skimmed discs, fixed rear window washer and sorted out the electric windows in the back doors.  The central locking motors are going on the rear doors and we have to lock them manually but it’s a very small price to pay compared to the full cost of replacing them.

It was a pleasure to have a working rear washer again especially as the roads are filthy this time of year around us with grit, salt and mud everywhere.  It was a short-lived pleasure though as the cold snap over the weekend put paid to the plastic nozzle on the water pump motor (see image).  It cracked in the cold presumably because water in the system froze.  Now the water just dribbles out of the pump into the door and does not spray nicely up the rear window.  To top it off the water drips onto the rear door lock mechanism.  This has a built-in sensor that is tripped each time it gets wet and it tells the car that the luggage compartment is open.  This causes an alarm to beep every 10s while driving the car.  If the car is locked then the car alarm is triggered as it thinks someone is opening the door.

I have had the rear panel off the door but there is no way to patch the system and it looks like it might have to be a new pump motor.  In the meantime I will have to disconnect the power to the washer system to stop the alarm being trigger every time a drip of water leaks out of the system.  Most annoying.

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