River levels

The Scottish Environmental Protection Agency provides an almost real-time feed of river levels through their network of gauging stations and their website.  These are the rivers local to us and the gauges give an initial indication of what the river is doing.  At the time of writing they are all pretty low as there has not been much rain for weeks and the snow has mostly melted.

Tay at Ballathie (56º 31′ 8.0″ N 3º 22′ 57.0″ W)

Isla at Wester Cardean (56º 36′ 23.6″ N 3º 8′ 52.4″ W)

Dean Water at Dean Bridge (56º 35′ 56.9″ N 3º 9′ 43.8″ W)

Isla at Balbrogie (56º 34′ 16.7″ N 3º 14′ 23.3″ W)

South Esk at Gella Bridge (56º 46′ 30.1″ N 3º 1′ 35.3″ W)

Prosen Water at Prosen Bridge (56º 42′ 55.6″ N 2º 59′ 18.3″ W)

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