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Ahoy there, avid fans!  Here’s my first post of 2009 and I apologise for taking three weeks to write it.  However, there comes a time when a holiday in the sun supercedes everything else, including fiddling with blogs and computer hardware.  For the last six weeks or so the family has been in Cape Town.  We celebrated Christmas with all the family and spent a lot of time on the beach, seeing friends and generally having a super summer holiday.

Towards the end of November you may have noticed it was getting harder to get your mixedbredie fix due to some downtime.  This was due to a faulty memory module (512MB DDR2 533MHz) corrupting the file system (ext3 LVM) and making everything go pear-shaped.  A big shout out must go to cron for scheduling the backups on a weekly basis and webmin for letting me dump directories of images and configuration files to a safe place.  PhyMyAdmin deserves a mention for database backups and safe evacuations to googlemail.

mixedbredie is now running on a mirrored RAID setup on two 160GB drives with Ubuntu 8.04.1 LTS holding everything together and the faulty memory module is desktop decoration.  The server is quite happy with just the remaining 512MB stick it seems.  Hopefully 2009 with have more uptime for you and the www.touchbaseuk.org readers.  Hmmm, think about TouchbaseUK reminds me there is some restorative work to be done there too… I’ll keep you all posted.

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