A Prayer For Our Church

Heavenly Father,

We belong to You. We long for You. We want to find You, know You, love You. In our self-sufficiency we so often fail to see your beauty and greatness all around us. We come to worship and glorify you.

We are called to be free. Free to acknowledge our sinful behaviour, free to confess that we are out of step with the Spirit. Help us to stand firm in our Gospel freedom.


We pray for the ministries of our church: the home groups, the men’s groups, the work of parish nursing, street pastors meeting people on the streets, Hot Chocolate meeting young people. We pray that they will all bear fruit of the Spirit.

Help us to serve each other in love and do not let us be hindered by fear.

Help us as a church to delight in Your greatness and beauty and glory. Lift us when we despair and we feel all is against us. There is always hope.

Do not let us be anxious in our faith. Let us know Your peace, let us have confidence in our faith in You.

Help us to be patient in waiting for Your goodness. Fruits grow over a season.

Let us be kind. Let us be open. Let us rejoice in the hope we have in Jesus Christ. We have been set free in Christ. Free of the sin that entangles us: in our freedom help us to be a church of integrity, always truthful, ever loving. Help us to be a church of courage and faithfulness and loyalty in all situations.

As we reach out to people in mission fields in Dundee, Chennai, Romania help us to be gentle Christians, serving others in humility.

Father, help us as a church to step out in the Spirit, clear about who we belong to, free to proclaim your Gospel, turning us into the people You desire us to be.

We pray all this in the name of Jesus Christ: our Lord, our King, our Saviour and our Redeemer.


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