Create a contact sheet of images

On Linux Mint (and just about any other Debian based distro) gThumb has an option to create a contact sheet of images in a directory.  However, on my machine running Mint 14 it crashes every time.  Hit duckduckgo to find an alternative and voila! ImageMagick Montage.  The montage program is part of imagemagick. Install imagemagick.

$ sudo aptitude install imagemagick

Once that is installed open a terminal window and move into a folder with the images you want to montage.

$ montage -verbose -label '%f' -font Ubuntu-Regular -pointsize 10 
-background '#000000' -fill 'gray' -define jpeg:size=200x200 
-geometry 200x200+2+2 -auto-orient *.JPG contact-black-label.jpg

This creates a black background contact sheet with the filename labels in gray text and Ubuntu-Regular size 10 font. Images are 200px by 200px with a 2px border.

contact sheetFor something different try:

$ montage -verbose -background '#ffffff' -define jpeg:size=250x250 
-geometry 250x250+2+2 -auto-orient *.JPG contact-white-nolabel.jpg

This creates a white background contact sheet with 250px by 250px images. There are no labels.

The “-define jpeg:size=200×200” parameter resizes the jpeg on read in and keeps it, rather than the full size image, in memory until the final image is written out.

From Pat David’s excellent blog.

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