Radio for?

Have you heard of a guy called Rob Bell? He runs a church in Grand Rapids , Michigan called Mars Hill. He is also well known for his NOOMA videos. I just watched one of his short films called Silence. It was all about trying to find God’s voice in all the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. It seems to have been a problem for a while since before Elijah went up the mountain and to hear God in the wind, the storm, the earthquake and eventually found the still small voice in the silence between the thunder and crashes.

So, how do people in London hear the voice of God with an iPod feeding noise into the brain and adverts hemming you in from all sides? In our house we wake up and turn on the radio first thing (nothing more annoying to hear people brightly discussing the world before we have even booted up properly! There is a time and place to be bombarded with noise and information and before breakfast is not when I am most receptive. Teatime is a better option.) and it just gets noisier from there. How often are we still enough and quiet enough to hear His voice? Sure, we hear Him and see Him in many other places through sights and sounds but I believe we still need the time out for a one-on-one. And therein lies another challenge – try to make the time to be still enough…

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  1. Apologies for invading your blog uninvited but came across it through one of your mom’s emails (I was interested in the domain name) to which we were copied in.
    Was interested to see you mention Rob Bell. Our favourite (Noomo video) is “Breathe” Its amazing and worth a watch if you haven’t already seen it!
    We used to live in Scotland before we moved down South and we miss it a lot.

    B.t.w. we had a lovely time with your parents both times they stayed with us, they are wonderful people, you are blessed to have parents like that.

    Natalie & Peer

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