Second Christmas

Another high speed transfer from London to Edinburgh.  Last time I came this far north it was on GNER.  This time it is National Express.  Not quite the same cachet but at least you get access to the slowest wireless network ever.  I think the train travels faster…

I am heading to Edinburgh to meet up with Amy and Daniel.  They came up earlier in the week to stay with Alex and Sarah.  I haven’t been to up to see them since March 2008.  Too long really but then last year was quite busy.

We are going to have a second Christmas while we are up here as we missed the usual Christmas by being in South Africa, having a proper Christmas.  It will be good to see the Scottish side of the family – Jane and Graham are expecting this year and Shona and Ronnie’s little girl is growing up fast.  We also haven’t seen George and Isobel in ages and it will do have a chat in Scots to temper the English phone voice I am developing.

[We have travel from York through Doncaster and are pulling into Newcastle – that’s how long it has taken to load the page via this wireless.  It def seems to improve when we get closer to large towns though.]

Right, time for a cup of railroad tea…

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