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I have a hard disc from the old mixedbredie server that was corrupted by a faulty memory module.  The disk was formatted under Ubuntu 8.04 as ext3 and was part of a logical volume (LVM).  Using an external SATA caddie I tried to access the disc via eSATA (didn’t work) and then USB.  however, only the boot sector of the disc mounted and I couldn’t get to the data that I really needed.

So, how do I mount an ext3 formatted disc that was part of a logical volume to save the data?

  1. Install lvm2:
    $ sudo apt-get install lvm2
  2. Load the necessary module(s):
    $ sudo modprobe dm-mod
  3. Scan your system for LVM volumes and identify in the output the volume group name that has your Ubuntu volume (mine proved to be NKOSI):
    $ sudo vgscan
  4. Activate the volume:
    $ sudo vgchange -ay NKOSI
  5. Find the logical volume that has your Ubuntu root filesystem (mine proved to be nkosi-root):
    $ sudo lvs
  6. Create a mount point for that volume:
    $ sudo mkdir /mnt/fcroot
  7. Mount it:
    $ sudo mount /dev/mapper/nkosi-root /mnt/nkosiroot -o ro,user
  8. Copied my files.

I found these instructions here and have reproduced them in this post for future reference.  The original post referenced a Fedora install and I have changed the references above to Ubuntu.

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