Sux Yizz

Yesterday was the low point of the week.  It was a Thursday and Thursday always remind me of Eeyore.  It was a day to be glum and melancholy.  And it didn’t help that my tube stopped between Southfields and East Putney.  The time was 08h50.

  • 09h05 – still there
  • 09h15 – shift weight to left leg and let work know I am going to be late.
  • 09h25 – weight to right leg and 180 degree clockwise turn.  movements have to be coordinated with the other inmates in the close confines.
  • 09h30 – driver tells us there is a problem – a “signal failure” – up ahead.
  • 09h32 – driver tells us there are now traction problems
  • 09h40 – the coach is full of people TALKING!  TO EACH OTHER!
  • 09h50 – the driver tells us we will be moving shortly back to Southfields.
  • 10h10 – we arrive in Southfields.
  • I walk to Wandsworth and catch a bus which drops me outside the Town Hall and I get to my desk at 11h10.

Anyhow, I digress.  The week started on Monday with my 32nd birthday.  My wine rack is full again and my friends ate all the food.  Tuesday my cold developed into real man flu with headaches and coughs and chesty rattles.  Wednesday was Wednesday and we watched Toy Story.  Which was nice.  And then there was Thursday.  My 6-year anniversary in the UK.  And now we are on Day 1, Year 7, Friday, and it’s the weekend and Men’s Group and Cath is coming to stay and there is 6-Nations rugby on and Nick is taking us all out for breakfast on Sunday…

Things are looking up.

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