Esmerlda is gone!

Our new carIt’s a bitter-sweet moment in the life of us.  Esmerelda has been sold for the princely sum of £25.  She was in a bad way at the end – no battery power, unable to start, immobile for the last few months of her time with us.  However, the family that have taken her on have a P reg Astra so Esmerelda will be in good company.

That’s the sweet bit.

The bitter part is that I got a £100 parking fine for parking the Efficient Baxter on a yellow line after trying to resuscitate Esmerelda last night.  There’s a 50% reduction if I pay within 14 days and together with the £25 for the car it means I only have to pay the council £25 for the privilege of selling my own car.

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