Let me count the ways…

Scotland! Land of the free.
Scotland! Land of the brave.
Scotland! Land of my ancestors.
Scotland! Land of Amy’s ancestors.
Mountains, glens, Munros, crags, ridges, corries.
Braes, burns, firths, lochs, lochans.
Beaches, sea, sand, wind, clean air.
Walking, riding, climbing, sailing, paddling on above.
Angus potatoes + Angus beef = Lunch
Close to Edinburgh and Alex and Sarah.
Friends across Scotland – Hirsts, Giffens, Robertsons
Possibly a larger house.
Dundee gets more sun than other places.
An exciting, challenging job in a new country with a different language and culture to London.
Not London.
Christmas with the family in our own home to look forward to.

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