The joys of communicating across the world! A couple of weekends ago I went out with Chris, Andy, Alex and Nick for a retreat in the Cotswold hills and some home cooking. We had planned to be in touch with Andy H, working in Central Asia, to catch up on news and be supportive in prayer. Due to the time difference (~6 hours) Andy had had to drive across town in the middle of the night to the office to charge up the computer, warm up the mousepad and make sure the video camera was rolling. Skype fired up and after a few faulty connections and disconnections we were in business! Such a change from just a little while ago when mission partners were incommunicado for months at a time. And Alex’s apple mac did the honours with the little camera capturing our mugs perfectly 🙂 Pictures below snapped on my mobile phone. V handy indeed.

Alex and Nick Andy Harris

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