Big Church Day Out

Wiston House
Wiston House

TouchBaseUK played touch rugby at the Big Church Day Out last weekend. Aiming to “touch lives for Christ” through sport, Nicko was up on the main stage explaining what it was all about. It obviously worked as we had about a hundred people turn up behind Wiston House to play some short games and get some coaching.  Four pitches, 50 balls, 20-odd (odd?) people explaining the rules and the moves and a range of punters from 6-years old to almost 60.

There was a heart-stopping moment that almost ended the day before it began when bureacracy caught up with us and wanted to know where our public liability insurance was.  Prayer works though and everything was sorted out in time for the games to start.  As well as the action on the pitch there was a stall in the market place promoting sports ministry to all who would listen.

TouchbaseUK stallUsM. Dubya Smith

Amy and Daniel came up to watch some of the games and listen to the music – Michael Dubya Smith and Delirious? – pumping out of the massive stage.  It was a big day out – 15000 people and not a cloud in the sunny sky all day.

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