Installing PHPSysInfo 3.0 RC8 on Ubuntu 8.04

I installed this the other day after running RC6 for a while and I wanted to see what improvements had been made. I used to run Nagios, Munin, Monit and AWstats on the server and they ground the machine to a halt.

  • rc6 picks up the server name and the internal IP address
  • rc8 picks up the apache virtual server name and the external IP address – changed with this line
    • define('PSI_USE_VHOST', true);
  • rc8 has an additional theme – cream – although I still prefer the
  • rc8 has memory usage section expanded by default
  • rc8 flickers when expanding the PCI Devices list. rc6 is smooth.

phpsysinfo 3.0 rc8The dynamic updating in rc8 seems to be faster / actually working. There also appears to be a lag in system uptime. The webmin front page and rc8 both match but rc6 is about 20 minutes behind.  I had to do a lot more tweaking of the config file in rc8 to get it to work than in rc6. As far as I can remember I just unpacked rc6 and pointed the browser at the appropriate URL.

These are the settings that I had to change in config.php rc8 as I kept getting XML errors about the PSI plugins and UPS settings:

define('PSI_PLUGINS', 'mdstatus,ps,psstatus,smart,quotas');
define('PSI_SENSOR_PROGRAM', 'LMSensors');
define('PSI_SENSOR_ACCESS', 'command');

If you want to download phpsysinfo 3.0 rc6 you can grab them here (rc6) phpSysInfo-3.0-RC6.tar and here (rc8) phpSysInfo-3.0-RC8.tar

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