On average I’m OK

I went for a free health check at lunch time today. All is well, it seems. Which is nice.  An incredible machine worked out my body fat percentage in about 8 seconds by transmitting a wave through my body and measuring the time taken for the round trip.  It sped through the leg, slowed slightly through the middle abdomen and then accelerated up through the chest and along the arms.

  • My age is 30
  • My weight is 73kg or 11.5 stone
  • My height is 174cm or 5’8″
  • My blood pressure is 121 / 78 which is slightly low and good
  • My resting heart rate is 66 which is low and good
  • My percent body fat is 12.5%
  • My body mass index (BMI = height2 / weight) is 23.4 and it should be between 18.5 and 25

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