The pain of loss

Is numbed by copious quantities of anasthetic.  When I was ten I went to a birthday party of a friend of Kevin’s.  The family was English and spared nothing in laying on the party.  A particular delight were the bowls of chocolate eclair toffees – blue and gold wrappers, hard outside, creamy inside.  I managed to sink my teeth into one so hard that when I tried to open my jaw my back molar was wrenched out with a crack.  I remember taking out the toffee and seeing my tooth embedded in it.  I haven’t thought about it much in the last 22 years – the annual trip to the dentist, maybe – until today.

Disclaimer: Before clicking on the photos to see them in all their gory please be aware that you might be offended and put off from visiting the dentist.

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I have hardly slept the last couple of nights due to the thudding pain in my jaw and today I was up early and first in the door at the dentist to try get an appointment.  Surprisingly, they had one free at 9am so I was back home to have a big breakfast (you never know, it might be your last after visiting the dentist) and make sure I flossed, brushed and rinsed well.

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Kids, floss and brush and rinse and visit the dentist every six months otherwise your teeth end up looking like this!

Back in the dentists chair just a short while later he announced that, without a doubt, the tooth had to go.  In fact he had recommnded it a year previously but I was attached it in a funny sort of way.  That all changed when it started messing with my ears.  Cotton pads with orange gell, steel tools picking, needles dribbling foul fluid down my throat – soon I was numb.  The nurse gave me a pair of goggles to wear in case there were splatterings of gore (said my vivid imagination).  She told me I would feel no pain only a heaving, wrenching movement.  Implement #1 went in followed shortly by #2.  Heaving and wrenching ensued.  Implement #3 was fitted in and soon there was a tinkle in the metal tray and a wad of something jammed into my jaws for me to bite down on.  For those of you who know me well you know I can’t handle the thought of needles and anything breaking bits of me off.  I was drenched with sweat, white as an Englishman and shaking like a kid on the back of a bike.  Some of it was shock, some of it was adrenalin and some was from the glucose rush from the Mars Bar the dentist popped into my mouth at the end of the session.  I made it to the waiting room where I had to stop for a short rest before making my way out into the sunshine and back home.

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