Life or Death Cycle?

I have been riding to work since the Tube strike last month and dug out the cycle computer to record some of the stats of the commute to work.  Trying to keep the average speed up is just one of the many mini-challenges I set myself to get up the hills.  Here are the stats from the last two weeks:

  • no. of single trips:   13
  • single trip distance:  14.3 km
  • total distance:    186.49 km
  • total time:       08h42m32s
  • average time:    00h40m25s
  • average speed:    21.4 km/h
  • maximum speed:    61.0 km/h
  • no. of punctures:    0
  • no. of traffic lights en route: 37
  • m3 of pollution breathed: 127
  • total distance on clock:  3088.0 km

I am certainly getting fitter and riding home across the Common beats the inside of a tube any day.  However, I am concerned about the amount of brake dust, fuel fumes and general London grit I am breathing in to my lungs.  I tend to stick to the larger roads because it is faster riding and easier to navigate than the back streets but there are more cars.  What about putting the congestion charge up to £25 a day and allowing horse and carriage free access.  They certainly wouldn’t be any slower than driving into the centre London.  But that’s not really going to be my problem – what is is the cycling in Dundee in real weather with proper wind.

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