To rival Ramsay

A long time reader of this page and, I suspect, the only reader of the stuff that is published here recently submitted her favourite recipe as a result of the new Recipes page. She and I go way back, at least 7 years, when she used to creep into my room and fall asleep on my bed. Her culinary skills have obviously improved somewhat since I knew her last. Her food preparation routine used to start with pretending to be a lump of road and then, with a twitch of the tail and ferocious meeeow, she would leap…
Miep Cat’s Skwashd Mows Breedee

1. cach mows. sit on hed til ded. bee free to play and bat mows round flor. it all helps tha tendarizin prowses.

2. continyoo til yoo see entraylz. gud job shef.

3. leev for cupla owas. if owna treds on mows, evin betta flava. rrrrrrr.

4. culinaree perfekshum awayts. tuk in and dont forget to cleen yor wiskas arftawids.

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