Now we are One

Birthday in Holland Park

Daniel is now one.

Amy has been a mom for a year.  Dad too.

He still doesn’t quite know what to do with presents and wrapping paper but he does like the presents.  He has a “brr*” and a “brr brr**” and a book with “birrs***” in it that he particularly likes.  his favourite favourite though is his “boh” that he rolls around the kitchen floor.  Keys, cell phones, TV remotes, computer keyboards, washing machine buttons, cooker gas knobs and fridge magnets are all guaranteed to keep him occupied until we move everything to safety.

Working things out

It’s going to be sad leaving our nice little flat in London.  It’s the only place Daniel knows as home and in his crawling has polished all corners of the floors.  We’ll be sad leaving the flat too – it’s been “ours” for two and a bit years and we have made it nice.  I think you could call our style “unfinished shabby chic (in places)”.

Our new flat in Dundee is at least three times larger and Daniel will have great fun crawling the length of the passage.  No doubt he’ll also be learning to walk and run down the passage.  When the long dark winter is over and we emerge into the spring he’ll have the run of the huge garden as well.

* brr = brush, ** brr brr = car, *** birr = bird although this may also be a “krggh krggh”

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