thirty three

Sunset on Broughty Ferry Beach, looking east.Well here I am, entering the twilight of my youth.  Happy Birthday to me.  I thought I had better write something down on my birthday and I thought that some targets for the year ahead would be a good thing.  It’s a bit like doing New Year Resolutions only you have had some time to think about them.  I’ve had an extra 5 weeks.

So, in no particular order:

  • Apply for a British passport
  • Apply for South African citizenship for Daniel
  • Buy a canoe
  • Sort out a more permanent accommodation solution for the family
  • Bring the Angus GIS up to speed
  • Explore the Angus hills and rivers more with Daniel and Amy
  • Prepare a couple of “best man” speeches [edit: this is now underway]
  • Enjoy good holidays when we take them
  • Keep in touch with people with something other than Facebook
  • more to be added later when I think of them…

Looks like it is going to be a full year.

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