FME How To: Rotating labels

Rendering text labels based on attribute values stored in the dataset.

I have a dataset containing point features. The associated attributes include TEXT_STRING, TEXT_ANGLE and TEXT_HEIGHT. This allows me to write the label using the TEXT_STRING field, rotate it according to the TEXT_ANGLE field, and give it the correct size by using the TEXT_HEIGHT field.

However, finding an application that would let you do this proved to be harder than you might think. ArcGIS allows you to set the TEXT_STRING and TEXT_ANGLE automatically but the TEXT_SIZE has to be set individually. This is not an option when you have 30,000 labels to size.

Enter FME ( and some transformers to manipulate your data. My raw data is passed through a TESTER to make sure all the features have a valid ID, the fields are trimmed of any excess white spaces and two counters are added to create unique sequential IDs. Then the data is passed to a LABELPOINTREPLACER which replaces the point with a label (based on TEXT_STRING) and scales it using TEXT_HEIGHT. The coordinates of the points are extracted using a COORDINATEEXTRACTOR and the resulting XY values are passed to a ROTATOR which rotates the labels based on the TEXT_ANGLE field around the XY coordinate.

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