The art of sleeping

A few weeks back we went skiing in Saas Fee with some friends (check the pictures in the gallery). Partly because I am South African and partly because I live in London the week was spent rushing to the ski lift, waiting impatiently for it to get to the top of the mountain, skiing hard all the way to the bottom and repeating until the lifts closed (and even afterwards on one memorable occasion). After this, usually about 5:30, we’d get back to the chalet where we would all collapse in exhaustion and examine the bumps and scrapes on Paul.

We would all be knackered and be in bed at a reasonable hour. but at an unreasonable hour, usually before 8am, some of us would be up again getting ready for another day on the slopes. Not Paul though. Evidently he has perfected the art of sleeping and squeezing every last minute out from under the duvet. While Jane is up and about Paul is trying to not move anything. Especially eyes, tongue, mouth and face and most of the rest of the body. Apparently he can exist in this state of almost awake for quite some time.

I have been trying it out as it is almost impossible for me to stay in bed and doze unless I have to do something like go to work. However, Paul’s recommendations do work. Try them out:

#1 don’t move your face and;
#2 don’t move your tongue

Got any recommendations of your own?

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