Mother’s Notes

Amy put this together to record some Daniel-isms.

I thought you might all be interested and amused in some of the things Daniel is saying the moment.  Most of his words are very good but the ones he pronounces in his own sweet way are sometimes quite funny.  He talks about the ‘lawn moaner’ and his ‘tooter’ (scooter).  He likes to go out in ‘air feet’ (bare feet).

He still calls any deer / antelope that he sees a ‘din din’.  He calls sheep ‘baas’ and sometimes ‘seep’.   When we were away last week he kept pointing out ‘eagles’ to us (any big bird).

He’s learning to put -ing on the end of words, so he talks about ‘walking’ and ‘watching’ and also ‘upping’ (when he wants picked up). He also knows about making words plural with an ‘s’ which means he talks about ‘mans’ as well as ladies.

When we put him to bed at night he often says ‘bye’ and then ‘later’.

He says ‘hi’ to almost anyone or anything – including bees, ants, woodlice and beetles.  He’s always interested in bugs and animals having food, and if you ask him what they eat, he says ‘food’ or ‘oats’ or ‘stones’.

He seems to be moving on to a new stage, linking words together.  Last night as I was putting him to sleep, he said very seriously: ‘gas water peese’.  Today he was in his cot saying over and over to himself: ‘tum in room’.

He loves being outside but we have trouble stopping him pulling the petals off our neighbour’s pansies.  We must have told him so often that he sometimes tells himself: ‘no, no, no, Eileen’ (our neighbour).  In fact he seems to associate Eileen with anything he is not allowed to do and will often say ‘no,Eileen’ when we’re telling him not to do something.

He sometimes tells us stories – the other day he was talking about monkeys going up the mountain.  Another day in the car he suddenly said ‘elephant’.  I said: ‘where’ and he said ‘up tree’. He thinks its quite funny when you sound surprised.

My sister calls him a ‘precious bundle’ and he likes repeating that about himself.

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