One Eye Missing

Muck “One Eye Missing” is the latest addition to the earth moving equipment stable in Daniel’s room.  Joey JCB, Emily’s digger, Green Tractor, Lofty the Crane and the JCB front-end loader and back-hoe all form part of his construction company.  Whether building a house with additional “chimmeys” or trying to extend the railroad to make a loop (hard with only three corners) they all play a part in making sure the job gets done.  One Eye Missing came from a charity shop in Broughty Ferry (as did most of the other machines) where he had been deposited by a parent because there was a minor (child inflicted) defect with the toy.  Little does the Muck-less kid now know that this machine is now unique – he has a new name, is in a home where he is loved and where he can do what he does best.

Muck One Eye Missing

Sometimes, seeing the state of the toys coming in, I wonder if Daniel’s room is part of the witness protection program for toys.  What these toys must have seen and endured (decapitations, amputations, mismatched transplants, falls from great heights, nights out under the stars and abandonment) it’s no wonder they come into the Programme.  Should those children ever find them again who knows what might happen – the toys know too much.  What I know though is that these machines will be loved and cherished and played with every day – if not by Daniel then it has been known for Ross to push a ‘dozer through the chippings in the flower bed when no-one is looking.

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