Running restarted

Click and runGoodness.  It must be the altitude or something.  First run since the beginning of November last year. First run of the new year. Forfar Loch, 3 miles. 24min 31secs.

Winter chills

Waiting for the bus this morning outside the church in Newtyle it was -15°C.  Thankfully the bus was only five minutes late.  Coming home this evening the temperature had risen to -13°C but I had a twenty minute wait for the bus.  More fleece tomorrow and more layers – four is not enough.

Fit for Life

Click and runRan round Forfar Loch at lunchtime today. Crystal clear, not a breath of wind, freezing cold, the loch like a mirror and the hills crusted with snow.

23m 33.3sec for about 3 miles.

Last Ride To Work

I cycled in to work today. It was crisp (read freezing -2°C) and sunny (read it wasn’t cloudy) and I hit my top speed of 56.8km/h in an effort to keep warm. Sixteen kilometres in I realised I had left my locker keys at home. I left work early after the faint smell of roses died off completely.

The Book Of Eli

Just watched The Book Of Eli: I can’t get the image out of my head of the cannibals offering “tea” to the heroes with shaking hands, and then taking a plate of “meat” out of the fridge…