A Prayer For Our Church

Heavenly Father,

We belong to You. We long for You. We want to find You, know You, love You. In our self-sufficiency we so often fail to see your beauty and greatness all around us. We come to worship and glorify you.

We are called to be free. Free to acknowledge our sinful behaviour, free to confess that we are out of step with the Spirit. Help us to stand firm in our Gospel freedom.

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Apples and Fishes

Recently I upgraded my Apple Macbook from Leopard to Snow Leopard.  Included in the media pack were a couple of Apple logo stickers.  Now, I always have to think long and hard about where I want to place them because I’ll only have one shot at it.  I guess this comes from the days of my youth when stickers were a novelty and a rarity and something to be cherished (I still have an “I love Worcester” sticker on the mirror inside my wardrobe in my old bedroom and a pink and green neon sticker from a pair of black and white striped baggies I had when I was ten).  The only stickers I have stuck at the moment are a National Trust membership badge and an ichthus/fish sticker on the back windscreen of the car.  It struck me that a good place for the little white apple would be right next to the little white fish. Continue reading Apples and Fishes

Lessons from Luke

The sermon series this year at the Steeple Church has started with the Gospel of Luke.  If you like you can listen to the sermons here.  The last talk was on the parable of the sower of seeds.  To illustrate the point egg shells filled with moist cotton wool were placed in egg cups and everyone under the height of 3ft invited to liberally sprinkle seeds onto the damp cotton wool.

We now have two egg shells on the kitchen window sill bursting with new life.  Using the new Super Macro function on our new camera I have been taking some pictures showing the daily changes in the tiny seeds.

Monday 8th February – note the clear gel around each seed.  Any ideas?
Seeds Day 1

Tuesday 9th February – tender little roots coming out.
Seeds Day 2

Wednesday 10th February – definite upward growth towards the fluorescent tubes.
Seeds Day 3

Thursday 11th – Wilma’s birthday and …

Christ in Colossae

Map of ColossaeOur fellowship group is going to be studying the book of Colossians this term.  Paul wrote four short chapters (and only 95 verses) to the Christians at Colossae encouraging them to persevere in living rightly and loving their Lord.  One man who is excited and in awe of his King is Dr. S M Lockridge.  Listen to him in this classic recording and know what an awesome King we have.  Jesus was supreme at the beginning and he is supreme at the end.  He is in everything, in the glory of creation, in the broken world we live in and he will reconcile everything to him through his blood and death on the cross.

Download mp3: Dr S M Lockridge – My King

This blog has some great resources using Dr. Lockridge’s testimony.


The joys of communicating across the world! A couple of weekends ago I went out with Chris, Andy, Alex and Nick for a retreat in the Cotswold hills and some home cooking. We had planned to be in touch with Andy H, working in Central Asia, to catch up on news and be supportive in prayer. Due to the time difference (~6 hours) Andy had had to drive across town in the middle of the night to the office to charge up the computer, warm up the mousepad and make sure the video camera was rolling. Skype fired up and after a few faulty connections and disconnections we were in business! Such a change from just a little while ago when mission partners were incommunicado for months at a time. And Alex’s apple mac did the honours with the little camera capturing our mugs perfectly 🙂 Pictures below snapped on my mobile phone. V handy indeed.

Alex and Nick Andy Harris

Radio for?

Have you heard of a guy called Rob Bell? He runs a church in Grand Rapids , Michigan called Mars Hill. He is also well known for his NOOMA videos. I just watched one of his short films called Silence. It was all about trying to find God’s voice in all the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. It seems to have been a problem for a while since before Elijah went up the mountain and to hear God in the wind, the storm, the earthquake and eventually found the still small voice in the silence between the thunder and crashes.

So, how do people in London hear the voice of God with an iPod feeding noise into the brain and adverts hemming you in from all sides? In our house we wake up and turn on the radio first thing (nothing more annoying to hear people brightly discussing the world before we have even booted up properly! There is a time and place to be bombarded with noise and information and before breakfast is not when I am most receptive. Teatime is a better option.) and it just gets noisier from there. How often are we still enough and quiet enough to hear His voice? Sure, we hear Him and see Him in many other places through sights and sounds but I believe we still need the time out for a one-on-one. And therein lies another challenge – try to make the time to be still enough…

No builders required

Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labour in vain.

So opens Psalm 127. In the last few months since Easter this verse has been reinforced time and again. It was a huge relief the first time we read it together and we realised that the stress of renovating the flat was becoming worse as we tried to do more and more to bear up under the load. And it didn’t just apply to re-tiling the bathroom and getting the kitchen walls straight but also decisions about taking over the leadership of the fellowship group and trying to decide on the direction the Christian Union at work should be going in. Unless we acknowledge God in everything we do we will not receive his blessing on our endeavours. Even our best laid plans fail unless he crowns them with success. What a gift! And it’s there for the asking…