L’alp d’huez

KevinLuh Alp Doo Hwez.  Kevin just cycled up here.  Twenty one bends all the way up to 1860m from a start at 740m.  He brought his road bike over from Cape Town a couple of months ago and has been training on the London flats for some of the steepest climbing around.  All you really need to go up is heart, lungs and legs.  Coming down, I would think you would need balls too.

L'Alp d'Huez
L'Alp d'Huez from the bottom
L'Alp d'Huez
L'Alp d'Huez from the top

Summer Running

Now that summer has set in properly I have started running a bit more regularly after a long lay-off due to injury.  What bliss to be able to run in clean air and along rural path networks.

Running Routes [maptype=G_NORMAL_MAP;gpxview=all]

Arctic Adventures

I am trying to work out how to load KMZ files to my blog to display on an embedded map.  Couple of things need to be done: one, allow KML/KMZ files to be uploaded and two, find a mapping plugin that can read the KML/KMZ files.  I am using two different Google Map plugins – XML Google Maps and Geo Mashups.  Both are supposed to read the embedded KMZ file.

The first problem is solved with the PJW Mime Config plugin. This allows you to define the file types that are allowed to be uploaded to the server.

The second problem is solved with XML Google Maps.  The XML Google Map plugin seemed to do what I wanted it to – create a separate map for each linked KML file – but there appears to be an issue with the actual map displaying [edit – due to a conflict with some other mapping plugins].

The KMZ files are being sent from Ellesmere Island, via Canmore, British Columbia, where Clive Rubens is trekking for the next eight weeks on a self-supported expedition.  The goal is to traverse the island from north to south.  To find out more read Chris and Shona’s blogs.  Wilma’s blog will have some interesting stuff too.

Clive’s updated positions on Ellesmere Island